Suspect arrested and brought back to Indiana for Greenwood jewelry burglary in 2012


GREENWOOD – Almost a decade after four men punched holes in the roof and stole nearly $ 1 million worth of merchandise from a popular Greenwood jewelry store, a suspect is behind bars in Indiana to deal with accusations.

Osniel Labrada-Guillen, 36, of Hialeah, Fla., Was held in Johnson County Jail for burglary and theft and could face up to 16 years in prison if convicted.

Investigators believe Guillen was one of four men who silenced the store’s alarms and drilled holes in the roof and ceiling in order to enter and could have escaped without a black mask found by a nearby UPS driver of the shop.

“This mask was essential in this investigation to identify at least one of the suspects,” said Greenwood Deputy Police Chief Jay Arnold.

A DNA sample taken from the mask matches a sample taken in a similar rooftop heist in Georgia in 2010. Even with the matching DNA samples, detectives still had no idea who they were looking for until. that Guillen was arrested in Florida for a traffic violation in 2014.

“So the arrest in Florida, when they collected his DNA, matched the DNA collected in Georgia and Indiana,” Arnold said.

Guillen was extradited to Cobb County, Ga., And was convicted in 2015 of the burglary. Guillen had just finished serving his prison sentence in Georgia when Johnson County officials learned he was due for release at the end of the year. On Boxing Day, Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies traveled to Georgia to pick up Guillen and bring him back to Indiana.

“Sir. Guillen is back from out of state and we will have the opportunity here in Johnson County to try to hold him accountable for what he has done in our community,” the prosecutor said. from Johnson County, Joe Villanueva.

Investigators also learned from the matched fingerprints that Guillen took numerous stolen items from a pawnshop in Hileah, Fla., A day after the Greenwood robbery.

“You can drive there in about 18 to 20 hours,” Arnold said.

Almost a decade after the crime, the arrest is welcome news for store owner Bob McGee.

“It tore me apart,” McGee said. “I was literally, physically, emotionally ill for probably the better part of six months.”

McGee says her business has just recovered financially this year. And beyond that, many of the stolen items were heirlooms that 47 customers had brought into the store for repair.

“Wedding gifts or bridal sets or family jewelry that you can’t replace,” McGee said. “And we literally cried 47 times because of the 47 customers, and it got me old.”

Guillen was being held in Johnson County Jail on $ 100,000 bond. McGee hopes he gets the chance to face him in court.

“I would like to discuss with him how it makes him feel, knowing how many lives he has impacted,” he said.

Meanwhile, the investigation remains open with three other suspects still at large. Anyone with information can contact the Greenwood Police Department.


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