The CT jewelry brand in the new Netflix show


Handmade Connecticut Beaded Jewelry Jewels of Hope has been featured in TV shows like “Jane The Virgin”, “Law & Order SVU”, “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” and several Hallmark holiday movies, among others.

Most recently, Katherine Heigl, a Connecticut native and actress, donned a pair of Jewels for Hope earrings on the new The Netflix show “Firefly Lane” with Sarah Chalke.

If you had told mother/daughter duo Sandy and Stevie D’Andrea 10 years ago that their designs would be on TV, they said they wouldn’t have believed it.

“We never thought being on TV would be part of it. We look back and come from relatively small towns in Connecticut (Woodbury and Stamford), and it’s like, ‘Oh my God, our stuff is on. Katherine Heigl, “and it blows my mind every time. We do a happy dance — my mom is known for her happy little dance,” Stevie said.

These handmade earrings by Jewels for Hope were featured on the show “Bones”.

Courtesy of Jewels for Hope

Sandy, the Jewels for Hope matriarch, began making jewelry regularly when her mother was in hospice care. It started out as a way to pass the time, but then she started giving coins to hospice workers as a “thank you.” From there, an idea germinated: to make jewelry that would raise funds for local charities.

Sandy officially launched Jewels for Hope in 2009. Proceeds from sales are donated to Hospice Care Connecticut, STARelief Pet Assistance and record sound. Each year they rotate into a fourth charity; this year is Valuable rescue project.

Stevie and Sandy D'Andrea are the mother/daughter team behind Connecticut-based Jewels for Hope.

Stevie and Sandy D’Andrea are the mother/daughter team behind Connecticut-based Jewels for Hope.

Courtesy of Jewels for Hope

Stevie joined Jewels for Hope about a year after her mother started the business. While looking for ways to increase their visibility, she came across The group of craftsmen, a California-based collection of self-made artisans from across the country (and even the world) who request to have their creations featured on wardrobe stylists for TV shows and movies as well as gift bags for price discounts. Stevie applied and was accepted.

“When we were accepted into The Artisan Group, it was our moment of change,” Stevie said. “The band is hand-selected and only the best of the best artisans – and they’re all women-owned businesses. Thanks to the band, we’ve had so many opportunities to put products in people’s hands. The more our products are seen on TV, the more sales we get and the more we can give away.”

In the first episode of “Firefly Lane”, Heigl’s character Tully wears a pair of black and gold pearl Jewels for Hope earrings in a scene set in the early 1980s. The show’s costume designer, Allisa Swanson, has worked with The Artisan Group for years. She put out a call for pieces that would match the different eras depicted in the series.

These handmade earrings by Jewels for Hope were featured on Katherine Heigl in the Netflix series "Way of the fireflies."

These handmade earrings by Jewels for Hope were featured on Katherine Heigl in the Netflix series “Firefly Lane”.

Courtesy of Jewels for Hope

“I remember the Jewels for Hope gold bead earrings; they were so fitting for the 80s and the character of Tully going out and fetching them,” Swanson said. “I don’t always have the opportunity to research the craftsmen of each piece, but I remember researching Jewels for Hope because of the name. I saw that it was a mother/daughter team and they were making donations. I hope to continue using them on other projects because it’s always nice to get something unique and different.”

Valerie Guerrero, the founder of The Artisan Group, said Jewels for Hope was one of its first members, and she remembers when Stevie applied.

“I hadn’t had a mother/daughter team to apply, and I thought that was really good. The second thing I noticed was that they give so much to charity; that are wonderful philanthropists. I thought that was such a great story,” Guerrero said. “They were just getting started when I met them. Stevie is just a firecracker with PR and marketing. Sandy is amazing with small seed beads. I know they’ve had about 15 plays on various shows and actresses.”

Jewels for hope and Salt & Stars jewelry in Mysticare the only two Connecticut members of the group.

Jewels for Hope also gained super fan fame in actor Will Kemp. He became familiar with the line after using it in one of his projects and has been wearing it ever since.

“He actually loved that we were giving to charity, and he’s been a huge supporter and wears our jewelry to almost every show he’s been to,” Stevie said. “We send him Christmas presents. We have become like friends.”

Actor Will Kemp tries Jewels for Hope essential oils.

Actor Will Kemp tries Jewels for Hope essential oils.

Courtesy of Artisan Group.

Using a product that gives back to charity “makes me feel good,” Swanson said. “In this business, we sometimes say, ‘We don’t cure cancer’, so anytime we can do something that gives back while entertaining people, it’s a really nice feeling.”

Although the pandemic hit Jewels for Hope hard at the start of 2020, Sandy and Stevie said it ended up being their best year in terms of donations. They have expanded their product line to include new pieces like diffuser necklaces containing essential oils as well as greeting cards and gift wrap.

“We certainly struggled, but we believe there’s always someone worse, so we’ll always give back no matter what,” Stevie said. “We try to change the world through our creations.”


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