The Dallas-Made Sustainable Jewelry Brand You Need to Know About


NOTNew fine jewelry brand Skaska is packed with delicate 18k gold pieces and innovative, versatile designs that are easy to fall for, but the excitement grows as you learn more about the Dallas-based company. . Founded by Belarusian-born, Dallas-raised Diana Behringer, Skaska (a Russian word for “fairy tale”) is committed to sustainability and transparency. The stones are sourced from those that follow the Kimberley Process (which guarantees quality mining conditions and fair wages) and all the handmade chains come from century-old companies in Italy or Germany. The final products are assembled by master jewelers in Dallas where they are signed by Behringer, a former stylist and art consultant.

And despite no shortcuts, Dehringer is dedicated to keeping Skaska’s stunning turquoise and yellow gold pieces close at hand (current prices range from $120 to $1,650), which is lucky for fans. With so many stackable and versatile pieces, including classic hopefuls that can be customized with interchangeable Jewelery pieces, a Skaska addiction would be easy to create.

But the brand’s latest production, the limited edition 10k capsule, is Skaska’s most accessible collection to date, especially for our times. “I only got interested in 10k when I found a gold that was still very rich and had this luxurious, lush feel,” Behringer said. PaperCity to be inspired to introduce more accessible luxury amid the pandemic. “It’s a stronger and more durable metal, so you can be tougher on it. I’m glad we made that choice because sometimes it can be hard to thrive, but I think people always want to buy a little something special.

Skaska is mostly found online — the website is as accommodating as it is easy to use. For those who prefer a more convenient shopping experience, shoppers can also find Behringer’s creations at Sept, Project track Alum Lela Orr’s sustainable concept store in Trinity Groves.


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