The future of events is hybrid – Is your jewelry store ready?


OWHEN THE PANDEMIC hit, it forced the cancellation of many jewelry events, including grand openings, trunk shows, and other in-person special occasions. As the months passed, it became clear that jewelers had to adapt if they were to survive. If customers couldn’t come to the jewelry store, then the jewelry store should come to them! This is how online events became mainstream and hybrid events evolved!

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is the combination of both worlds. You get the fun and excitement of an in-person event, combined with the ease and convenience of a virtual event. While a small jewelry store can only accommodate between 25 and 50 people, you can host an unlimited number of guests when you broadcast your event online. The cost-effectiveness of hosting an online-only or hybrid event is phenomenal!

As Covid continues to be a factor in everyday life, online events are actually preferred by many consumers, not just for health reasons… but also for convenience. There’s no commuting and no need to rearrange your schedule, just log in and you’re ready to attend! Plus, you control how long you can stay, and it’s easy to leave at any time. This allows someone to join who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes.

In a recent survey, 58% of companies said they plan to continue with a combination of virtual and in-person events. It’s hard to underestimate the impact of the pandemic on every type of gathering. Hybrid events have become the ultimate marketing strategy for the savvy jeweler.

What are the benefits of a hybrid event?

There are many benefits for your jewelry store with hybrid events such as:

  • Increased participation and expanded reach beyond your region. Not only are you attracting customers who live near your jewelry store, you are also attracting their friends and family members who live thousands of miles away! Anyone who sees your event online can attend from anywhere in the world and make a purchase. With increased reach, it is absolutely essential that you have a planned digital marketing strategy for the year.
  • Greater public participation and engagement. With more people comes more activity which ultimately generates more sales. A larger audience feeds on itself and makes your jewelry store’s event bigger, better and more exciting. The more traffic you have, the more “social proof” you generate, showing that your jewelry store is a popular and trusted source.
  • New sponsorship opportunities. Hybrid events allow for additional locations where a jewelry brand or special marketing offer can be promoted. At an in-person event you have store signage and print materials to use, for online events you have your website, mailing list and social media channels. All the perfect places to advertise to an engaged and captive audience.
  • Additional data and expanded insights. With hybrid events, you have access to additional information about your audience, such as: who attended, how long they watched the event, if the event was shared, a replay of what was said in live chat, and more! There is a huge amount of information that you have immediate access to.
  • Increased return on investment. Hybrid events are easy to quantify – the value is obvious. Hosting services like Zoom and Google Meet are very affordable and easy to use. Just a sale or two will easily cover the expenses. You’ll also build your jewelry store’s brand and your list of prospects to market to later. Hybrid events are a win-win for everyone!

Even if you’ve never hosted an online or hybrid event at your jewelry store, don’t be afraid to try something new. I am sure you will be satisfied with the results. The technology is widely available and most people already know how to use it. With hybrid events, you have absolutely nothing to lose…except the opportunity to grow your business!



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