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With its neon and custom embroideries, ice cream colors and hand-painted mosaic fireplace, there’s no other jewelry store in Beverly Hills, California quite like The Last Line, completely fulfilling the disruptive approach to the brand with its flagship location.

Shelley Sanders co-founded The last line in 2017 with her husband, Teddy, as a direct-to-consumer jewelry company. Sanders serves as its creative director, overseeing the controlled mayhem with affection. This flagship store with piercing salon “feels like our most personal space yet,” says Sanders, creating a complete experience of The Last Line, its fine jewelry and its latest addition, the party collection of table products.

What happens when you bring a shock of color and energy to the otherwise stuffy Beverly Hills business scene? That’s exactly what Sanders says she wanted to find out, planning this store for years and working on it throughout the pandemic for its grand opening in June.

Interior of the last line
Shelley Sanders says the interior of The Last Line store in Beverly Hills, California reflects the high energy and party atmosphere found throughout the brand. The Last Line gets its name from the idea that its jewelry is heirloom quality and designed to be classic, Sanders says.

“I wanted a space where customers could see and buy the jewelry and try it on, even dream a little, in a space that was entirely ours, designed by us,” says Sanders.

“Often there is an inherent formality around fine jewelry for various reasons, but ultimately we create pieces that we want to be part of someone’s everyday life, and it’s important to me that our spaces, whether online or offline, feel welcome and inviting everyone,” says Sanders.

The last line, which also has a location in New York, started online and moved to pop-up stores, giving the brand a sense of what it could be when it hits this new space, Sanders says. Sanders has worked in the jewelry industry for years, first training with a master jeweler in San Francisco and working as chief designer and creative director for celebrity jewelry brands and high-end jewelry houses before moving on. launch The Last Line.

“When we opened our first pop-up, we designed the experience to feel like home from top to bottom and everyone loved it,” says Sanders. “They were transported to our world, which was a little more colorful and a lot more fun. We’ve maintained that with every space we’ve opened since.

Last line piercings
The Last Line’s assembly studio gives people ideas on how to style their piercings as well as a comfortable place to enjoy the store’s artwork and interior decor, Sanders says.

With the Beverly Hills design, Sanders says she wanted a space to draw customers inside, whether you know the brand intimately or this is your first visit.

“Because we designed the space, we were able to add details that felt very close to us: custom needlepoint and cross-stitch wall hangings, hand-painted terracotta tiles that feature artwork from art from our jewelry and party collections, embroidered jewelry trays and showcase inlays made by the same embroiderer [who does] our party sheets. It’s super personal and very TLL,” says Sanders.

Another signature is Last Line stores “Always have a little neon in everyone,” Sanders says. The Beverly Hills location features a “Piercing This Way” sign with an arrow as you enter the piercing parlor and a TLL ear set alongside a mix of branded wall art and ear sets popular for inspiration.

“We have a lot of customers who come in to shop in person or get their piercings done and we’ve already met a lot of new faces, which is a major benefit when you’re an online-only brand,” Sanders says. “For me, I can talk about jewelry all day, so it was fun talking with buyers and almost rediscovering the line with customers all day.”

Above: Shelley and Teddy Sanders opened their Last Line flagship store in Beverly Hills, California this summer after years of dreaming about its design, weathering the pandemic and trying out the concept through pop-ups and shows by trunk, says Sanders (photos courtesy of The Last Line).

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