The new boutique offers pearls, jewellery, gifts and jewelery courses: It’s your business

Company Name : Cleveland Rocks and Pearls
Address: 2499, boul. Lee
Call: 216-932-3780
Web address:
Owners: Jennifer Gerard
Type of trade: Beads, Jewelry, Rocks, Gifts
Number of employees: 5
Years of activity: One month in retail, 20 years in business!

Tell us what your business does: Cleveland Rocks and Beads is a purveyor of jewelry, beads, gemstones, fossils, minerals and gifts with an emphasis on creative education.

We offer a variety of courses in beading, beading, wire wrapping and precious metal clay.

We also organize beading parties for birthdays, groups, clubs and special events by appointment. Traveling exhibits and featured artists keep our inventory fresh and flowing. Please check our website and Facebook page to see what’s going on.

You can visit us on Face Book,, or email [email protected] or call 216-932-3780.

Where did you get the idea for your business? Jennifer Gerard has been in the bead and jewelry industry for over 20 years as an importer of beads, jewelry and handcrafted art from Nepal. Over her many years of selling Himalayan pearls, wholesale, at trade shows, and directly to stores across the United States, she has meticulously gathered concepts and contacts from some of the best wholesalers and stores. country pearls. Our store is not just about beads and stones, but also about community creativity.

What makes your business unique? We approach business with three priorities:
– Support artists and art,
– Create a community, and
– Engage in lasting business relationships with people through fair trade.

You can read more about Jennifer’s Himalayan import business at
You can also learn more about the non-business aspects of Jennifer’s work and travels by browsing her blog at http://[email protected]

How do you see the current economic conditions affecting your business? We are optimists! Hard times come and go, but the community we cultivate is what unites us and keeps us going. Cleveland is bursting with creativity, we offer a palette of colors and lots of encouragement. Currently, we see a lot of growth potential here. New businesses are coming to the area and regardless of a person’s main source of income, they need a place to exercise their creative passions and release the tension of the day. There is a meditation in every creation.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome so far? Marketing in this new fragmented world of advertising is always a challenge. We’re online, Facebook, Google Ads, we’ve printed flyers and received accolades in the Sun Press. Now we need to reach the rest of the Cleveland area.

Our greatest marketing blessing has also been one of the toughest challenges. We are on the site of an old pearl store. Although many people found us because they remember the other store, they also remember it as a very different type of store. We need to spread the word, we are all new, constantly evolving and full of positive energy!

What are your short-term growth projects (hiring, building expansion, etc.)? Currently we plan to bring in more art bead collections and although we source domestically, we would really like to see more local lamp makers, lapidary artists, jewelers and ceramists interested in exhibiting with us.

Catherine Davies-Paetz, a local professional artist, brings to the shop many years of experience teaching classes in the arts. Cathy will provide you with opportunities to take lessons in wire wrapping, working with color, molten glass, metal clay, and more. Learn more about Cathy on her website at

On the program several other basic courses in cordage, beadwork, kumihimo and Byzantine chain with many talented teachers.

This month we welcome The Queen’s Beads, Whole Miyuki Seed Beads and Czech Glass Show, as well as Africa’s Largest Fair Trade Kazuri Bead Collection with small and beautiful beads, including courses basics free! We look forward to many more exciting events like these in the months ahead.


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