The selling mechanism that every jewelry brand should adopt


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The sales mechanism is important for every business, it determines the sales volume, the profit percentage and the overall performance of a business. Businesses that have structured sales processes increase revenue and performance and can accurately predict long-term business results. Every sales manager should focus primarily on how to maximize profits and deliver the best value to customers.

To increase sales, jewelry startups need to start an online business to build more reach and showcase their products. People are shopping more online than ever since the pandemic. Direct online jewelry sales to customers have increased since the pandemic, with more people in the United States purchasing quality jewelry and total sales reaching $ 68.8 billion.

Various jewelry brands have taken advantage of online sales to maximize their profits and create more value for customers. Diamond Hands is a jewelry brand that has adopted tokenization as a sales approach to increase value for customers, increase use cases, and maximize profits. Its tokenization approach allows customers to have unique items and earn profit.

Best selling mechanism jewelry brands should adopt

Jewelry has always been a thing of value, it attracts the admiration and appreciation of people all over the world. They can be used as a gift and also as a store of value as their prices appreciate. So, jewelry brands should adopt sales mechanisms that can increase and maintain value.


Tokenization will add value and retain the uniqueness of already valuable jewelry such as gold, diamonds, silver, emeralds, pearls and increase their use cases. Brands can use NFTs to add value to real world assets like jewelry. DESIRED is one of those platforms that has created an exquisite collection of Bitcoin inspired gold rings called Diamond Hands.

Non-fungible tokens have become a new way to add value to tangible assets and bring them into the world of crypto. NFTs are assets that cannot be traded for anything else, they retain their uniqueness.

When items such as jewelry are saved on the blockchain, each coin is assigned a token that can be used to represent its uniqueness and gives it an exclusive value that cannot be exchanged for anything else. NFTs will create a higher value for these precious metals and make their property permanent.

Tokenization will increase sales and maximize profits because people will know that jewelry is worth the value they will get for their money because of its uniqueness.

Linkage Curve Sale Mechanism

Tokenization will allow a brand to apply the link curve pricing method and create more value for customers. Diamonds Hands is a brand that uses the link curve approach to maximize profits and create value for customers.

As such, they have symbolized Bitcoin-inspired gold rings with its limited collection, the limited edition represents exchangeable tokens. Currently, the brand has listed the 01/100 edition ring on the Binance NFT Marketplace; the token is also available on their platform.

The link curve method allows a price to be controlled by the offer, instead of selling at a fixed price, the secondary market determines the value. Each time a piece of jewelry is purchased, the price increases by 6%. As the number of tokens in circulation increases, the price increases.

The system creates opportunities for early adopters to earn more profit as prices increase after each purchase.

This method will lead to more sales, as many will want to be early adopters and earn more.


Tokenization is a better selling mechanism for jewelry brands to increase their revenue and maximize their profits. It helps brands to maintain the quality and uniqueness of precious metals, through the link curve selling mechanism, they can also create investment and income opportunities for customers.

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