This Insta-Famous Jewelry Brand Is Absolutely Adored By Your Favorite Celebrities


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Throughout my styling phases (I’m 25 so you already know what kind of ride it was) it took me time to enjoy the weight that jewelry add to an outfit. Growing up, I always thought that putting on jewelry just wasn’t necessary to complete the see. Psh, if I had a statement item or two, let it be a classy blazersteal pants or bold shoes“I felt like I was fixed. But it wasn’t until I came across the fun and fresh jewelry brand, Fraser Sterlingthat I realized how much of a difference it makes to incorporate a bit of bling into the fashion equation.

Yes, I’m a newbie to this whole ~accessory thing~, but I prefer to be pushed to the deep end when it comes to this stuff. Give me colors, patterns, vibrant pendants, chunky – that is, extra, extra – but in the cutest, chicest way possible, of course. if i’m gonna go in, a thin gold chain will not make the trip. Fortunately, that’s what Fraser Sterling is about creating fashionable and edgy necklaces, necklaces, earrings and rings that are literally works of art on their own.

Oh, and, did I mention, he’s absolutely adored by fashion icons like Hailey and Justin Bieber, Bella Hadid, Halsey, Emily Ratajkowski, and more??

I should also note that these products are so affordable with an average price range of $15 (!!!) to $85. Not shabby at all, especially with quality in mind. FS items are handmade with 14k gold plated brass and zinc (the brand’s fine jewelry is preserved with solid 14k gold). And, bonus!, you can also count on frequent sales and offers.

Oh, by the way, it’s even more affordable for you: Cosmos readers get 40% off sitewide, including sale products, using code COSMO40 through January 23.
Hell! Whore ! Yeah!!

For my best friends on a really tight budget, an entire section of the FS site is filled with adorable pieces under 30 smack-a-roonis. You can literally drain and spend less than $100?? I also can’t forget to include the fact that they just jumped on the Buy now, pay later cart with Afterpay!

Obvi this brand crushes it, to say the least, especially during this Y2K era where we are in RN. It’s got all kinds of cool items, with super cheerful and nostalgic details, designed in a way that’s kind of always dressed up. And representing your specific personality in each room is also an important element, which is why a ton of his inventory is customizable.

I highly recommend pairing these retro gems with a baby t-shirt, low rise jeans and a bucket hat to really go with the theme. And if you need help defining the flashback aesthetic, you already KNOW we have this guide for you. here.

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