This Jewelry Brand Harnessed the Power of the Internet During COVID-19 to Scale and Survive


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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected most businesses. The situation has certainly shaken the world, every industry has been hit hard, but even amid the challenges, some brands are thriving through quick thinking and embracing the alternative tools available to them. The jewelry industry has been one of the hardest hit, as people’s purchasing power has diminished or focused on the essentials, reducing their trips to jewelers.



ENGELSINN, a Germany-based online jewelry store, has seen tremendous revenue growth during the pandemic. The brand has several factors that have worked in its favor to make it the go-to jewelry brand for people all over the world.

Have their operations fully online

This was seen as a risky move when ENGELSINN was established a year ago, as most people often went to physical jewelry stores to shop. However, having online operations was convenient for reaching global audiences. This became especially useful during the pandemic when physical stores were closed. Anyone who wanted to buy jewelry knew that they could get it quickly online from ENGELSINN. It was a turning point in the brand’s operations, as thousands of new online customers led to increased sales.

Do online consultations

Knowing that people could not go to physical stores for jewelry consultations, ENGELSINN decided to offer online consultations on its website and social media platforms. Interested customers could interact with brand experts before buying jewelry, and existing customers got consultations to answer their jewelry questions. This helped market the brand and attracted more customers.

serious online marketing

Having the right products won’t necessarily translate to sales if you don’t market them well. ENGELSINN realized this early on and ran very creative campaigns to sell their products online. From collaborating with influencers to organizing giveaways, ENGELSINN marketed their products to attract more followers, who, in turn, became their new customers.

Embrace digitization

The digital space is not kind to people and companies with half-baked plans. Many businesses missed their timing when the pandemic hit because they weren’t quite ready to embrace digitalization. ENGELSINN has been able to not only stay afloat, but also thrive during the global COVID-19 pandemic by quickly adopting and adapting to the way things work in the digital space. The digital world is an ever-changing space, and ENGELSINN has managed to keep up with the changes as they happen.

Development of a broader strategy

Good products and an online presence are half the journey; then there is marketing, which ENGELSINN has mastered since its creation. However, another important element is the strategy. Even with the best marketing tactics and products, it would be difficult to stay or sustain their streak of success without a transformation strategy that sets the brand apart. ENGELSINN has developed a plan that encompasses customer experience, great products, marketing and consulting services, all online.


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