This sustainable jewelry brand features lab-grown diamonds that don’t cost thousands


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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they never said friendship is so … dear. Diamonds not only have a high cost, but they also demand a high price from the earth.

Enter Joie de Viv, a diamond retailer that deals exclusively with environmentally friendly and socially responsible diamonds. Traditional mining requires, well, mines and large amounts of displaced land, chemicals and dubious sources of labor. This brand promises ethical, lab-grown IGI-certified diamonds (and yes, they are real diamonds, but much cheaper).

How it works? All diamonds are grown inside a chamber with extremely high pressure and temperature which mimics the conditions for diamonds to grow. Using solar technology as a way to recreate the natural process of making diamonds, it requires much less energy than extracting them from the earth through industrial mining practices.

All the energy used to create the stones is completely renewable and the diamonds share the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics as the mined diamonds. The brand does not sell any diamonds with a clarity rating lower than VS2 (even the Federal Trade Commission has ruled that both types of diamonds are real and can only be differentiated by their origin, which is “mined” or “lab grown. “).

With delicate rings, stud earrings and classic chain necklaces, each piece in the brand’s collection perfectly complements a modern, minimalist style (read: perfect for everyday wear). And don’t worry: if you have sensitive skin, that is, allergic to cheap metal, they are also made of solid 18k gold, so you will not have any unwanted effects.

And here’s the best part: While most tiny diamonds still cost thousands of dollars, you can get Viv’s Joy diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings for as little as $ 529 (splurge worthy of). a little sparkle). Even better? Until April 16, 2021, you can get 50% reduction on all Joie De Viv jewelry with the code REALSIMPLE50.

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