This year’s Monaco Grand Prix puts jewelry brand APM Monaco in the limelight


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fine jewelery and precious stones possess a magnetism that has attracted people for centuries. However, they come at a high price. As the world’s population has increased almost tenfold over the past two hundred years, the demand for gemstones has also increased exponentially, far outpacing population growth and stone availability. No matter how attractive they are, gemstones and fine jewelry remain out of reach for most people due to price and, lately, sustainability concerns.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry has become an essential feature of a modern consumer’s wardrobe, helping enthusiasts keep up with rapidly changing tastes without breaking the bank – as well as with little or no hassle of sustainability. Fashion jewelry is where the desire to look your best meets the affordable means to implement it.

APM Monaco Yummy Collection

Among the brands that have raised fashion jewelry standards to luxurious new heights are APM Monaco. APM Monaco is a jewelry company with a manufacturing arm founded in 1982 and an in-house brand founded in 2012. Celebrating its 40e anniversary this year, the international brand boasts an impressive 430 stores worldwide offering distinctive jewelry at an affordable price. APM Monaco is designed to stay on trend and is built to last. Crafted with cubic zirconia and sterling silver, APM Monaco can keep prices affordable and remain enduring as a business. Cubic Zirconia is a flawless stone with no inclusions and comparable to mined diamonds in terms of brilliance and crystal clarity. Cubic Zirconia became popular with jewelers in the 1980s when APM Monaco was established.

APM Monaco

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand

APM Monaco was created in Monaco, the city-state of the same name. In fact, APM stands for Ariane Prette Monaco, the brand’s founder and mastermind. Later, his son Philippe and his wife Kika took over the brand, managing and developing the brand towards international recognition with its consumer-oriented branch.

While there’s no shortage of money in the opulent city-state, APM Monaco prides itself on its international reach, beautifully crafted yet affordable jewelry, and much wider demographic. The Monegasque pedigree is traceable in the names of the APM Monaco collections. Yachtclub, Croisette, Un Après Midi à La Plage and Festival are just a few of the brand’s many collections associated with the unique Monegasque lifestyle.

APM Monaco

APM Monaco Collections Festival

As the brand celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the perfect natural venue to make this anniversary memorable. On the occasion of its jubilee, APM Monaco has teamed up with Charles Leclerc, Monegasque racing champion who now races in Formula 1 for Scuderia Ferrari. Leclerc was seen wearing the APM logo on his racing suit as part of the partnership.

APM Monaco

Charles Leclerc, global ambassador of the APM brand at the F1 Grand Prix Monaco 2022

The love for motor racing runs deep in the Prette family. Philippe Prette himself has raced, winning the Ferrari Challenge Asia five times, while his son Louis has won the Ferrari Challenge Europe once.

In order to make the brand visible during the F1 Grand Prix and the events surrounding it, APM Monaco has started a collaboration with MK Club, the jewel of Monaco nightlife and a pole of attraction for the young population. Also appealing to young people, APM Monaco brought together popular French YouTuber “Lena Situations” with French model and APM brand influencer Thylane Blondeau to create engaging social media content throughout the race weekend.

APM Monaco

Thylane Blondeau & Lena Situations at the F1 Grand Prix Monaco 2022

To find out more about the brand and discover its collections, go to website.


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