Three arrested for the murder of a jewelry store employee


Three men have been arrested following a manhunt for four suspects in the murder of jewelry worker Andy Hosein during a robbery at his workplace in San Fernando on Saturday.

Police said yesterday that a firearm and a quantity of narcotics were also seized and jewelery recovered.

A police statement said that acting on information, officers from the Southern Division conducted several drills and searches which resulted in the arrest of three male suspects aged 23, 28 and 31. , all of Kings Wharf, San Fernando.

During the operation, officers reportedly seized a firearm and 5.56 kilograms of marijuana, 304 grams of cocaine and an assortment of jewelry.

The suspects are currently in custody and are being questioned by detectives from the Homicide Investigation Bureau.

Saddened and appalled by the brazen killing, the San Fernando Metro Area Chamber held a sidewalk candlelight vigil near where Hosein breathed his last.

House Speaker Kiran Singh said he did this to show that people in the south did not take this murder lightly and wanted justice.

A framed photograph of Hosein, several candles and a bouquet were placed on a piece of white cloth on the High Street pavement a short walk from where Hosein died.

“We want justice” was written on a sign hanging from the building’s burglar bars.

Hosein, 33, who lived and taught at a university and school in Venezuela started working in Trinidad due to the economic crisis in his country.

Hosein, who also has Trinidadian nationality, returned to Trinidad in November and started working at Ketans Jewelers.

However, shortly before 11 a.m. on Saturday, four men rushed into the business square and began smashing windows and grabbing jewellery. Hosein who was near the door tried to run and was shot in the back.

Andy Alberto Hosein

Andy Alberto Hosein

In an interview with Guardian Media, Singh said the candlelight vigil was “symbolic in bringing justice to his innocence”.

Following the incident, he said Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob met with him and San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello on Saturday and Tuesday.

He said the commissioner had assured there would be an increased police presence on the streets and that his officers would be more vigilant. Noting that he and the mayor have also met with the TTPS and San Fernando City Police, he said those meetings have yielded results.

“In the evening of Tuesday we can see that there is still a police presence which was somewhat lacking and was absent for some time in the afternoon and on Saturday, and our discussions and negotiations have yielded positive results. where we now see a larger presence, foot patrols in particular, which is a strong deterrent to the criminal element in downtown San Fernando.

He said that would bode well for the return of business and customer confidence in San Fernando.

Noting that southerners used to boast of a low level of crime, he said: “These acts must be stopped by the criminal elements that have infiltrated San Fernando and the southern region and we We will certainly continue to work with them to ensure this does not continue.”

Singh said they intended to continue with the candlelight vigil.

“We will continue this vigil to remind the public and criminals that the southern community, businesses, pedestrians, shoppers, ordinary citizens on the streets do not take the criminal and evil act of bandits to go unnoticed. We will maintain this vigil for a long time.

“My message to criminals is to go get a job. If Venezuelans could come here and work and earn a decent living, there’s certainly no reason or excuse why Trinidadians can’t get jobs to care of themselves instead of robbing innocent businesses, people and those who work hard for a living,” he added.


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