TikTok-Viral OHTNYC Jewelry Brand Is Charming K-pop Idols and More


If you haven’t met OHTNYC on TikTok you have probably seen American musicians like Keshi and Olivia Rodrigo and Korean superstars like Felix stray children and Hyoyeon of Girls Generation wearing the brand’s pieces. And when a K-pop star wears something, the world wants to wear it too.

The South Korean idol aesthetic has been catching on with the mainstream for years now, and with the help of huge fan-run social networks. accounts that exist entirely to identify the brands and products artists wear, it’s easier than ever to emulate their style. A key part of these looks is, of course, killer jewelry, which OHTNYC has plenty of.

OHTNYC founder Jinsol Woo left South Korea to study fashion in New York and, after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, worked as an assistant designer at Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang.

After a few years of training in the industry, he decided to start his own design house, with a focus on jewelry. While the brand is booming right now, the journey to get there hasn’t been easy. “I started with about $20, basically,” Woo says. teen vogue in his New York studio. “I’ve had many sleepless nights working as a bartender at night, coming downstairs at 5 a.m. and putting my heart and blood back into my mark during the day.”

Like many businesses, OHTNYC took a hit early in the pandemic. Woo lost his job as a bartender and began to feel like he was losing direction of his business as well. “That’s when I decided to take the situation as an opportunity, and I launched my social networks,” he says. It is safe to say that social platforms actually changed the course of Woo’s brand – the product was there, the content was ready, all it needed was for people to know it existed. So he took advantage of the momentum in the best way he knew. “My brand was recognized by many K-pop stars and stylists, so I was able to share those exposures on TikTok as well,” he says. Woo inevitably went viral on TikTok, amassing over 200,000 followers and 5 million likes.

Both Korean idols and Western celebrities have helped OHTNYC become recognizable around the world, and it has seen growing demand over the past year. Sometimes it all still sounds like a dream to the designer himself. “Honestly, I’ve always hoped to see celebrities wearing my jewelry, but once I really hit them with my work, it’s almost unbelievable,” Woo shares.

The most invigorating moment for Woo was seeing Karina of K-pop group aespa wearing his work repeatedly. As an avid fan of his style and performances, she was exactly the star he wanted to see in his designs. “I was manifesting that,” he admits. The famous girl group continues to love their work – three members have also been wear OHTNYC parts during their recent set at Coachella.


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