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Vanessa Stofenmacher (pictured), founder and creative director of online direct-to-consumer jewelry retailer Vrai, has left the jewelry brand.

Stofenmacher tells JCK“I’m looking forward to starting my next disruptive business very soon.”

Mona Akhavi became the company’s chief executive in September, brand owner Diamond Foundry said. Prior to that, Akhavi was Vice President of Marketing at Diamond Foundry.

The brand was founded by Stofenmacher and Chelsea Nicholson as Vrai & Oro in 2014. The name comes from the French word for “truth” and the Spanish word for “gold”.

Stofenmacher said coveter that before starting the business, “my older sister and I realized we both shared a similar pain point, our husbands were terrible at buying us presents and we thought other women must have this problem “.

As a result, she created a learning algorithm that helped men buy their gifts.

“During this process, we realized two things: first, that fine jewelry is traditionally the number one gift men give to women, and second, that traditions are changing rapidly.”

The brand launched with $8,000 and 10 designs.

“Our designs were made-to-order for the entire first year,” she said. “The concept really hit the right time, right place with Instagram – I didn’t invest any money in marketing.”

Two years after its launch, it was purchased by lab-grown diamond producer Diamond Foundry.

In 2017Stofenmacher makes Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, which noted that Vrai & Oro was the third company she had started.

The jewelry company, which briefly opened a store in Los Angeles, shortened its name to True Last year.

Diamond Foundry CEO Martin Roscheisen says JCK via email: “Vanessa completed her ‘tour of service’ with us in a big way last year. No one in Silicon Valley ever achieves $10 million in sales on an $8,000 investment! I can’t wait to to be an investor in his next, fourth company.

This article has been updated with comments from Martin Roscheisen.

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