Wes Anderson fans go crazy over Mykonos jewelry store turned into a swimming pool


In Mykonos, a jewelry store attracts all the attention. Not for her necklaces or earrings, or at least not just for those jewelry. From the outside, the Gavello store looks like any other typical Cycladic store, according to its founder.

But once inside, guests are transported to a vintage vibe. To transform the store into a ’60s luxury swimming pool’, the design agency Saint of Athens, in collaboration with Dive Architects, used sky blue tiles in addition to other details such as the lockers, the ladder and coat hooks.

“We were looking for an unorthodox way to showcase Gavello’s colorful and opulent designs, so we came up with a surreal, summery idea,” Saint of Athens founder Nikos Paleologos told Deezen, who spotted the gem. “Cosmopolitan and picturesque places like Mykonos tend to lock themselves into a dipole of rigid tradition versus enforced extravagance. But Mykonos is a cosmopolitan place that calls for big and daring movements.

Southern style with a touch of Wes Anderson

“The soft blue, a color reminiscent of the luxury of the urban swimming pool of the 60s, the metal furniture, the vintage elements and the personalized blue terrazzo displays constitute a universe both retro and modern, à la Wes Anderson”, Paleologos noted, in reference to the filmmaker, a master of symmetry.

Image: Instagram / @ gavello_milano

At the back of the store, a bench and a set of red lockers add to the trompe l’oeil effect. A feeling reinforced by the inlays of round lights that surround the store, reminiscent of the lighting of a swimming pool.

To meet the practical requirements of the jewelry brand, mirrors, cushions and display cases were placed throughout the space. The pegs, which look like where you put your towel, also serve as jewelry holders.

Anyone want to dive? JB


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