Wilkesboro jewelry store opens for business, city manager allows for now


The owner of a jewelry store was tired of waiting for the Governor to give the green light to open. With the order due to expire next Friday, it opened a week early.

WILKESBORO, NC — A Wilkesboro jewelry store owner has decided it’s time to reopen despite the executive order not being lifted until next Friday. Brand Jewelry opened at 9:30 a.m. Friday, but limited the number of customers inside the store at any time.

The owner told News 2 that it had been closed for seven weeks and had had enough. All employees wore masks, as did many customers we saw entering.

News 2 reached out to the Wilkesboro Police Department and City Manager to see how he would handle the situation, “We’re not going to take a heavy handed approach to this, if you call it compassion I guess,” said Chief of Police Craig Garris.

City manager Ken Noland told us that if the owner violates the edict, the city will shut it down. What’s not clear, however, is whether the store is violating the order? There appears to be some ambiguity in the executive order, “The City of Wilkesboro at this point will allow the business to remain open, Monday I will contact the governor’s office for further clarification,” Noland said.

The fire inspector is due to pass by the jewelry store to ensure it follows social distancing guidelines, but it will be allowed to stay open until at least Sunday.

The other question will be what other businesses might open if the city allows the jewelry store to stay open? News 2 will continue to follow the story and bring you updates.


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