Relaunches Better and Faster Jewelry Making Supplies Website

  • Xinar has been selling jewelry making supplies online for 23 years

  • now provides a superior shopping experience for customers

  • The Xinar team helped expand the reach and ability to experience Xinar online

Xinar is a leading jewelry making supply store based in Sonoma County, California. Since 1998, Xinar has provided DIYers, aspiring jewelers and seasoned jewelry designers with an extensive catalog of jewelry making supplies, including the highest quality gold filled beads and findings and sterling silver charms. for every theme and occasion. .

In October, Xinar unveiled a bigger, better and faster website to meet the needs of customers who need high quality jewelry supplies at the best prices throughout the year., recently relaunched, features an improved and warm aesthetic, reflecting the company’s long tradition of supporting the creative vision of jewelry makers, artists and DIY enthusiasts. The site has also been migrated to a better and faster host that ensures the best possible shopping experience on mobile and desktop.

Xinar’s team includes seasoned design, development, SEO and digital marketing professionals. Xinar is currently working with Chicago-based SEO coach Bruce Jones, artist and designer Maria Kristelle Jimenez, and marketing professional Marius Carlos, Jr. on vital enhancements to the site’s content, design, and discoverability. The newly relaunched site is also under the care of a new webmaster, Muhammad Waseem, who ensures that all the vital functions of the site under the hood are running smoothly.

According to Xinar owner Don Ricke, his vision for a jewelry making supplies business began when he started selling jewelry and related supplies with his girlfriend on eBay in 1998. Fast forward 23 more later, and holds a strong position in the jewelry making world as a consistent source of the highest quality jewelry making supplies from the USA. Xinar is also a partner of the best local manufacturers.

Of particular interest is Xinar’s Far Fetched collection.

“Far Fetched is mixed metal jewelry. Enjoy the skill of fusing or soldering three metals that [naturally] melt at different temperatures into unusual, fun and attractive designs. I believe this collection reflects more of an art than a skill,” says Don.

Always listening to his customers, Don’s vision for 2022 remains as bright and practical as his precious metals.

“I want to continue to offer a steady supply of high quality jewelry and supplies, even though supplies are getting tight these days.

“Also, people should be wary of being fooled by people who are selling precious metals but selling counterfeit products. Look at the price and quality of the item and ask if it could be real. It’s not realistic; you’re probably fooled,” Don concludes.

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Phone: 707-541-6071


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